His Family Caring for Yours

As children of God we are joint heirs and that makes us all one family.   We earnestly strive to live life in our homes, in our church and in our community as family.  

Prayer partners

Are you hurting? In need of someone to pray with you? Each weekend after services and through our phone tree a team of prayer partners is available to pray for you and your requests. Call or email us at .  You may also submit a prayer request via our prayer section in this website.

Communion for Shut-ins

Unfortunately there are times and seasons in life that make it impossible to attend worship on Sunday mornings. Every Sunday we send a team of seasoned men of faith to deliver worship in prayer and communion in the community.  If you or someone you know would like to know more, please call us at 217-629-9443 or email at

Hospital Calls

Being in the hospital or having a surgery can be a stressful time. We want to walk alongside you in those times. Please share the info HERE or contact the church at 217-629-9443 so we may come and pray with you.

Meals for Families

Sometimes in the midst of joy or grief families may need a little help preparing a meal.  If you are in need of having a meal delivered or provide a meal for someone after surgery, birth of a child or death of a loved one, call us at 217-629-9443 or email us at


From food, shelter, transportation, maintenance, upkeep, raking leaves, to running errands; you name it; once in a while we find ourselves needing help to accomplish even the most basic of daily living activities. While we believe God can do anything we ask, we also are very aware of our own human limitations. This work is to help fill the gap for the families in our community, whether it is for reasons of health, physical condition, or finances. If you are in need of help, please, just ask by completing the request below  or call us at 217-629-9443.