Pastor Brian reveals the moment when the Spirit of God releases us from fear.
Hear Pastor Brian bring the 'good news' to learning how to fortify your plan with purpose.
Pastor Brian Atwell delivers a passionate plea to none believers to see Jesus and to believers to share their faith.
Guest preacher Scott Payne delivers a clear path in Jesus' direction to becoming a mature Christian follower.

In to Me See

July 4, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell relives the intimacy of the glory filled relationship between God the Father and God the Son.

Paper Maps

June 27, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell outlines the perfect travel to our salvation.
Pastor Brian shares life's experiences at fathering to encourage each of us to experience our Father's Love. A Fathers Day message of Hope.
Yes, salvation is yours to have. Hear Pastor Brian Atwell demonstrate how our confidence in our salvation is a process of growth, knowledge, and maturity.
Pastor Brian unpacks the third chapter or John in a whole new inspiration of the value of each of us to God.
Pastor Brian launches a new series in the Gospel of John
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