Hurtful Love

June 26, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell answers the question, "If Christians love Jesus, why is there so much hurt in the Church?"

Father Legacy

June 23, 2022
Pastor Brian delivers an encouraging and convicting look into the significance of leaving a Christ centered legacy.
Pastor Brian Atwell leads us through a familiar bible truth that reminds us all why Jesus cares about us.
Pastor Brian Atwell reveals the evidence of living a Christ like life in a lost world.
Pastor Brian Atwell dives into the teaching children and each other how to develop strong faith just as God taught it to us.
Pastor Brian Atwell shows all the impossibility of gaining favor with God through any of our own doing and proves the one thing we must do.
Pastor Brian Atwell delivers a most encouraging message to mothers of all stages including those women who may not even think of themselves as a mom.
Pastor Brian Atwell launches a new series 'The Book of Galatians' with great caution to retain the truth of Jesus as the final word in truth.
Guest preacher Brady Hall delivers a straight to the heart message to inspire us all to be just like children in our worship and admiration of our God.

You’re It 7.7

April 17, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell shows each of us on this Easter Sunrise message and conclusion to the 7 Signs series how we are the seventh sign to everyone that they may believe.
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