Pastor Brian Atwell teaches how to build teamwork in community.
Pastor Brian Atwell continues to guide new encouragement to the to community of the church.
Pastor Brian Atwell begins a new series to teach us how to adapt to a modern world with biblical truths.

Yes He Does

October 3, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell delivers a message in song and in word of assurance of God's love for us.

Trust Your Chair

September 26, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell stands firm on ways to bring truth to all who surround us.
Pastor Brian Atwell leads a compelling reason to keep our faith ducks in a row.

Doctrine of the Word

September 12, 2021
Pastor Brian introduces a new series teaching us all the way to unity in a broken nation.
Pastor Brian takes us to a challenge of great proportion in the sharing of truth to a desperate world.
Pastor Brian Atwell sings and speaks a message of hope and inspiration to inspire the ultimate the ultimate gift of life; surrender.
Pastor Brian proves how we are all more powerful than we think.
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