We are all Children of the Most High God

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it;” Proverbs 22:6

Infant thru Preschool

Basic truths are first taught at a very early age.  We work hard to incorporate these truths in all our teaching in this very precious group.

  1. God made me
  2. God loves me
  3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Middle School

Middle school can be a confusing time in life.  A time when students are searching for identity and our goal is to help them develope that identity in Christ.  They have very special requirements to learn.

  1. Know that Jesus will never stop loving you
  2. Realize the church is a safe place to go with their questions
  3. Feel that we were made to live in community with other believers
  4. Live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is


All we teach to our elementary students is centered around their growing development as they begin to interact with others in their formative years. Teaching truths develop as they develop.

  1. I need to make wise choices
  2. I can trust God no matter what
  3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated

High School

An age when everything is put to the real life test.  Confidence in their faith is paramount to standing firm in all they have been taught.

  1. Trusting Jesus is hard sometimes
  2. Trusting Jesus is worth it
  3. It’s OK to talk about your faith
  4. It’s OK to bring your friends to church



Sunday Care

Meets every Sunday at 9:30 AM

  •  Little ones get together during morning worship to play, meet new friends, and learn of Jesus as their forever friend.


Throughout the year parents and students are given the opportunity to be a part of special events created to enhance the growth of their Christian experience.

It is critical we have the appropriate and current information available to take proper care of each child.  For that reason we ask parents or guardians the complete the form enclosed HERE and submit it for each child before the event.  Paper forms are available in the church office.