Prayer Truth

January 1, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell identifies the difference between God's sovereign will and God's moral will for our lives.

Simeon’s Joy

December 18, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell shows Simeon as a perfect example of being patient with your faith and driven to action at the right moment.

Angel Joy

December 11, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell answers every little girl's dream to glorify Jesus.

Zechariah’s Joy

December 4, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell shows how hope and JOY are delivered to God's faithful servant Zechariah and us as well.

Mary’s Joy

November 27, 2022
Pastor Brian magnifies the joy of Jesus' mother Mary in this timeless Christmas blessing.
Pastor Brian Atwell shows us how as we develop a closer relationship with God, we begin to see even greater gifts from him.

Good Love

November 6, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell opens a new series 'Every Good Gift' with a driving truth of God's love.