"Seriously pray for protection of each other."...Pastor Brian Atwell

Godly Inheritance

June 18, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell delivers a powerful example of leading our family in God's path.
Pastor Brian Atwell teaches us how living in agreement is designed to bless us all every day.

Everyday Always

June 4, 2023
"God has jumped right into the middle of His finished creation"...Pastor Brian Atwell
Pastor Brian Atwell opens the heart of believers to assure they know love is seen from the inside, and not just observed from the outside.

Raising Next

May 14, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell addresses the responsibility of teaching the next generation of faithful believers.
Pastor Brian Atwell dares to tell us all what Jesus says about believing as the only path to salvation.
Pastor Brian Atwell tackles a difficult statement from Jesus regarding the cost of discipleship vs. the free cost of salvation.
Pastor Brian Atwell reminds us of how eagerly God runs to us especially when we have fallen short.
Pastor Brian Atwell finds the elephant in the room of bringing the lost to Jesus.
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