Growing Faith 7.2

March 13, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell leads us through one man's walk of Faith: doubt - believe - share.

Pouring Grace 7.1

March 6, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell unpacks the grace found in Jesus first miracle.
Guest Pastor Caleb Payne reveals Christ Jesus as the fulfillment of God's wisdom for each of us.
Pastor Brian Atwell defines the parenting reality and then addresses how to perfect it.
Pastor Brian Atwell dives right into the fire of anger and how to extinguish it.
Pastor Brian Atwell dives into a Proverbs 27 truth about building God directed relationships based on trust, honesty, and commitment.

By Faith

January 30, 2022
elder Jerry VanMeter Jr. delivers a strong message of encouragement to believe in that which we cannot see.
Pastor Brian Atwell teaches the everlasting value of learning to share wisdom as your eternal gift from your creator.
Pastor Brian Atwell Launches a new series to remind us to act on the wisdom we are taught.

Turning Pages

January 2, 2022
Paster Brian Atwell encourages us to live with confidence in God's ability to bring new life and new hope in our daily living.
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