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December 26, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell defines unity of spirit with two simple words of instruction.

Always in Sight

December 19, 2021
Pastor Brett Mitchell explains thru the Christmas story how God never leaves us even in the most difficult circumstances.

To Find Seek

December 12, 2021
Guest Missionary Pastor Brett Mitchel encourages us to seek out Jesus to best find our purpose in God's plan.
Pastor Brett Mitchell challenges us to see the significance in just one decision in God's holy purpose.

What Me Worry

November 28, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell shows us how to avoid worry through a heart full with gratitude.

Regenerating Heart

November 21, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell teaches us to regenerate hearts in love to show gratitude to our Creator.

More Please

November 14, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell exhorts satisfaction and confidence in the provision of our creator God.

Thanks Sharing

November 7, 2021
Pastor Brian Atwell drives the issue of commitment to sharing God's truth to all who live in complacency.
Pastor Brian Atwell encourages us all to see ourselves as missionaries of purpose in our own community.
Pastor Brian Atwell teaches how to build teamwork in community.
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