Pastor Brian shows how simple alignment of will is your free ticket to eternal peace.
Pastor Brian Atwell enlightens us all in who we can trust nowadays.
Pastor Brian reveals the truth of your worth to your eternal Father.
Pastor Brian Atwell drops the critical challenge to all as Jesus is coming back. "What are you doing about it?"
Pastor Brian Atwell holds up the mirror that explains our 'why'
Pastor Nick Sutton drives home the secret to success in life, faith, and TEACHING.
Pastor Brian Atwell reveals how a witness for Christ is the most powerful lifestyle in peaceful living.
Pastor Brian calls the chosen people of God to stand firm in faith, hope and love. Even in the midst of today's shattered dreams.

The Community

August 9, 2020
Pastor Nick Sutton proclaims the charge of Christ's followers.


August 2, 2020
Pastor Nick Sutton confirms the strength in Jesus bridge between us and Gods perfection.
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