Pastor Brian brings the promise of Christmas for all.
Pastor Brian explores the kingship of Christ vs. the almighty dollar and our calling to help one another in times of need.
Pastor Brian jumps on the Polar Express to take us to the light of the world and peace of Jesus
Pastor Brian helps us all clearly believe Christ is our living miracle in the first of a new series that brings Christ incarnate to the front of all things.
Pastor Brian proves without a doubt God is in control of our future!
Pastor Brian reveals the truth in living for others as Christ centered love.
Pastor Brian points to the bride over the raging rivers many still try to swim.
Pastor Brian Atwell demonstrates how an occasional ‘smack upside the head’ may be God's way of getting our attention.
Pastor Brian enlightens us to understanding 'TRUST' as a key element in our daily lives.
Pastor Brian reveals how to bring your rebellious children into loving obedience.
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