Joy Up

September 25, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell stirs us all in the quest for happiness.

Jesus Who

September 18, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell just how imbedded Jesus is in all Scripture and how deeply He is imbedded in our daily lives.

All Out

September 11, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell challenges all believers to keep the spiritual fires burning high so that others may learn of our Savior.

All In

September 4, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell inspires all people to worship together in loving service to our Creator and Savior.

Love Here

August 28, 2022
Frank Dicken brings a guest message of hope to believers who need to hear an even better way of working together.
Pastor Brian Atwell teaches believers how to overcome opposition in our quest to lead others to Christ.

Worship When

August 14, 2022
Pastor Brian Atwell leads us to the conclusion that worship is a 24/7/365 day event.

Disciple of Mind

August 7, 2022
Guest preacher Frank Dicken brings an enlightening insight into discipleship for Christ first and self second.
Pastor Brian Atwell inspires obedience to our Lord in ways we may never have imagined.
Pastor Brian Atwell inspires leadership in all believers with a deep view into two great leaders, Ezra and Nehamiah.
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