Comfort Comfort

December 10, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell assures us with scripture of God's eternal love that transforms how we feel into who we are.

Comfort Joy

December 3, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell steers us in the direction of comfort and joy that we may have confidence of God's direction.

Dinner Why

November 26, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell leads all believers through Jesus 'Last Supper' so that we might remember Him in the fullest.

Dinner Focus

November 19, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell proposes a solution for both do'ers and be'ers as we take to this most perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner Woes

November 12, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell shares another dinner with Jesus expressing the need for self evaluation of our faith.

Dinner When

November 5, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell begins a new series to bring us through the season of giving thanks to Jesus starting today.

Go Here

October 29, 2023
Pastor Brian Atwell wraps up 'Missions Month' with inspiration to reach the world, the community, and yes, even our church.

Know Christ

October 15, 2023
Kerma Yotter shares her deep commitment to creating a unique atmosphere to bring young people closer to a lasting relationship in Christ.
Missionary Scott Payne teaches a riveting message of hope for all generations.

Dan Corbin

October 1, 2023
Missionary Dan Corbin brings a challenge to all believers..
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