Moving On

March 17, 2019
Pastor Brian encourages us all to be in active pursuit of Jesus.
Pastor Nick encourages us to understand that loving God is first all about loving others.
Pastor Nick reminds us our faith in Christ has supremacy over anything we will ever do.
Pastor Nick brings us to a point of hope in all our transgressions.
Pastor Brian unlocks the truth behind God's selection of you.

Love: Compassion

February 10, 2019
Pastor Brian shows us how compassion is the key to to God's plan for our destiny to greatness.
Pastor Nick encourages us to use our God given abilities to serve the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
Great accomplishments are best achieved when we give all the glory to God instead of ourselves.
Keeping each part focused on the head of the body in Jesus Christ is more powerful than any earthly giant.
Pastor Nick teaches us how to let our light shine all the time even in difficult situations.
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