Pastor Brain fills in the blank, "My heart will be full if ______!"
Pastor Brian teaches us exactly why Jesus is so irresistible.

The Resurrection!

April 21, 2019
Pastor Brian encourages all people to know the resurrection is real!

Worship the King

April 14, 2019
Pastor Nick teaches us how the worship of our King brings us hope and prosperity to the soul.
  Pastor Nick demonstrates how we are able to lead others to Christ by replicating His manner of generating lasting momentum.  Following is the text of Nick's message. Introduction: Momentum…

John the Baptist

March 31, 2019
Pastor Brian teaches us how God as the Alpha and the Omega allows us to be positive motivators for everything in between.
Pastor Brian shows us how to gain momentum by identifying our innermost battles and giving them up to Jesus.

Moving On

March 17, 2019
Pastor Brian encourages us all to be in active pursuit of Jesus.
Pastor Nick encourages us to understand that loving God is first all about loving others.
Pastor Nick reminds us our faith in Christ has supremacy over anything we will ever do.
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